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Looking Ageless Is Within Your Reach

There are three different ages for everyone. The chronological age is the number of years since birth. Biological age is how old your body system is at a specific time. This includes the wellness of your body, heart, cardiovascular system, brain, and skeletal system. Psychological age is how old you feel. You may be 70 but feel like 40.

There are methods to deal with the age type you are. Chronological age is the only type you can’t change but the other two types you can make drastic changes to improve your standard of living. The biological as can be altered with your lifestyle that includes diet and exercise.

Reduce the fats, cholesterol, and carbohydrates in your diet to increase the level of your health. Avoid the fried foods that clog your arteries and add excess fat to your body. Eat lean meats, more fish, and white meats such as chicken and pork. Energize your brain with stimulating games to keep yourself alert and increase your memory. The small things you do to change how you currently live will make your age lower.

Psychological age is your mental state of mind. You don't have to be feeling your biological age at any point in your life. Get moving and do things to regain your youth. You want to go swimming or take a leisure stroll in the woods to aid in the youthful feelings. Learn to laugh to reduce the feeling of being old. Laughter has long been called the key medicine to youth.

The scientific community refers to anti-aging - the exclusive slowing, preventing, and reversing of the aging process. There isn't any true medical technology to allow these to be done although there are steps being taken to promote anti-aging lifestyles with a healthier diet and exercise program.

While diet and exercise are the main methods recommended, many people opt to have corrective surgery and use products promising to help with the anti-aging process. Some of the products do have proven results and help to alter the appearance temporarily while other products are ineffective completely.

There are facial products that help with the fine lines and wrinkles. You apply the products daily to help improve your appearance. They are widely used all over the world with great results. Women find their face gains the youthful appearance they seek.

Adding to the products used is the increased physical levels with exercise including walking, jogging, riding bicycles, playing tennis, and swimming. Any form of added exercise helps the body and mind remain youthful.

Eating a balanced diet has the benefits of youthful appearance, weight management, and healthier body functions reducing the risks of heart attacks, stroke, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and arthritis or joint pains.


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Thank you for all the encouraging help you have given me thru email

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